Block paving driveway


Be the envy of your neighbours by transforming your home with a desirable, truly unique and low maintenance new driveway.

Working with your ideas and using our experience, together we can change the appearance of your house and add eye-catching curb appeal that will be the first thing noticed by all visitors to your home.

Patio and path installation Poynton 1

Patios & Paths

Making the most of outdoor opportunities by creating a usable patio is the one of the most cost effective ways to add value to your home.

Dramatically improve the appearance of your property by building or renovating an existing path or patio to alter the visual impact of your garden and outside space.

Natural stone garden wall


Give your property the wow factor by landscaping your garden freeing up any unused space. We can turn any awkward sloping terrain into the perfect outdoor area and help make a small garden feel bigger.

By building planters and creating raised beds on different levels, landscaping will maximise your home’s out door space and can make gardening accessible to all.

Path to driveway installation Bramhall


A good quality and beautifully crafted fence will also provide you with privacy and the peace of mind of added security to your property.

Being able to source a wide variety of fencing we can add charm and value to your home whilst defining property lines.

Stopping trespassers and preventing pets escaping, a long lasting low maintenance fencing installed by Town and Country Driveways and Landscaping is also perfect for you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of your garden.

Landscaping and insatallation of driveway


New drainage will remove any sitting water close to your house that can slowly seep into your property and foundations causing dampness and mould within the inside your home.

Good drainage is crucial for cultivating and will transform your garden from a wet bog into the perfect conditions needed for horticulture.

As most plants are not adapted for water clogged soils poor lawn drainage is a common problem for landscaping as well as being very unpleasant underfoot.

Professionally installed garden and lawn drainage helps make for a much more drier lawn that can be used throughout the year without turning into a muddy quagmire.

We are able to take out all the hard ground work needed to create the perfect drainage and restore your garden or damp home back to its pre-work look.

Landscaping and insatallation of driveway 3


We are able to carefully lay and install the perfect levelled lawn to tidy up your garden and improve the outside look of your house.

A great lawn is the best accompaniment to any garden and new top dressing professionally installed by Town and Country will correct any existing surface irregularities adding impeccable character to your home.

We can source hardwearing or ornamental turf to suit your specific requirements and offer advice on how to best integrate new turf to any landscaping.

Contact us for an informal discussion about all the possibilities available for your lawn and turf.